Bright Young Minds TM
( 2-6 years old )


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 Panama City's № 1 English Preschool & Daycare Program
Where preschoolers REALLY learn English
> 100% English language morning & afternoon programs

> North American programs & administration

> Rigorously trained teachers

> English academic programs taught in small groups with an emphasis on cognitive learning theory
> SUPER Fun Zone & Fitness Activities


The BYM Difference
What sets (BYM) Bright Young Minds™ Elite Preschool Program apart from others is our proven English academic program. We pride ourselves on our knowledge & experience in how children learn. With a focus on cognitive learning theory, our founders have been constantly improving teaching methodologies since inception in the late 1990s to ensure that students between the ages of 18 months - 18 years old are learning with some of the most effective techniques in the teaching field.


Academic Activities
We understand that each child has a unique learning style and aptitude level and hence, has specific learning requirements which we determine by our proprietary age-appropriate placement test. With the test results, we are then able to build an individualized academic program that meets your child’s needs. Our academic activities are taught in a small group setting.
While your child works, he or she will follow an individualized program created to help develop the following aspects of learning:
> Letter Recognition
> Vowels (phonics)
> Consonants (phonics)
> Decoding
> Rhyming
> Reading
> Fine motor
> Printing
> Colors & Shapes
> Numbers
> Math 


Non-Academic Activities
Bright Young Minds™ also allows children to socialize in our 100% English immersion program and engage in creative activities so they can; explore, experiment, imitate, ask questions and, in turn, be questioned in order to further their thinking and problem solving skills.

Your child has fun in group activities and by him/herself in:

> Circle time: welcome song, calendar, weather chart
> Arts & crafts
> Dressing up & role playing
> Music
> Blocks & puzzles
> Story time & reading
> Sculpting
> Tying shoe laces
> Sowing seeds, watering and caring for our garden
> Money 101: an intro to buying & selling things and how/why to save money


Me & My Environment

They also acquire greater knowledge and an appreciation of caring about themselves & their shared environment by:

> The importance of hand washing & hygiene
> Conserving water & energy
> Taking care of one self (brushing teeth)
> Setting & clearing the lunch table
> Taking turns serving snacks to their peers
> Cleaning up after themselves
> Sorting material & recycling


Physical Fitness Activities
One of the most important aspects of every academic learning program is daily physical fitness routine which is standard in all our programs.


Numerous tests including a 2014 Harvard Medical School study & news letter confirms that 150 minutes of aerobic excercise per week significantly improves our health and brain functions:
> Intro to gymnastcs: balance beams, bars and building core strength
> Into to climbing: walls and ropes
> Obstacle courses
> Intro to soccer: correct kicking technique, passing and games
> Intro to basketball: dribbling, passing and games
> Intro to hockey: safe use of a hockey stick and games
> Intro to baseball: batting & catching
> Intro to golf: correct swings, chips & puts
> Intro to trampoline, jumping and safety (3 yrs+ only)

Our team thrives on being creative and loves to see children expressing themselves by learning-through-play activities.