Robo STEM Academy TM

Empowering children for the future through robotics
Robotics is the next wave in future technology much like computer science was in the late 1980s & 1990s. It will represent one of the largest growing segments in the job market of the future. According to a 2015 Bank of England report over 95 million robotics jobs will be created over the next 10-20 years!


> 100% English language after school program

> North American programs & administration

> Rigorously trained instructors

> LEGO™ and other robotics programs

> 30 minute FREE pass in our extreme FUN ZONE!


What is STEM?
It's the acronym for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. RoboSTEM incorporates all these disciplines with a focus on robotics. But while kindergarten through 12th-grade education usually focuses on science or mathematics in isolation, all four of these disciplines are closely intertwined in the real world. Imagine if K-12 students were taught in ways that highlighted these connections, making their education more relevant to their lives and opening doors to new and exciting careers.


What Makes RoboSTEM Academy Different?
We are not just a LEGO program like our competitors. We use the best children's robotics programs from around the world. We won't only present the coolest STEM projects anywhere in the city but we'll also give your child a 1/2 hour free pass in our extreme fun zone for every month of RoboSTEM instruction!